Agile Principles —1 min read
When did you last throw away unmerged work?

The last time you deleted or closed some unfinished work, what lead to that situation?

Product Management —1 min read
How clear is your product vision?

On a scale of 1 to "1000 songs in your pocket", how strong is your product vision?

Software Delivery —1 min read
Well, some good came from it

After a failed monster deployment, we're finally switching to continuous deployment.

Tech Tools —1 min read
Let's do Kubernetes

Join me as I livestream the Kubernetes deployment of a small app.

Coding Practices —1 min read
Nobody ever sees mud when they look at their own ball

The big ball of mud is always inherited.

Software Delivery —1 min read
167 merges

Smaller releases are safer releases

Software Delivery —1 min read
Free your mind!

Continous Delivery is about freeing up your mind and your time for more important things.

Quality Engineering —1 min read
It always gets worse before it gets better

Whenever you introduce a new quality control measure, things often seem to get worse before they get better.

Coding Practices —25 min watch
Unlocking the Power of Infrastructure as Code, Go, & More on Schematical

Unlocking the Power of Infrastructure as Code, Go, & More

Quality Engineering —2 min read
Stop waiting

You never need to wait for permission to start doing quality work.

Everything Else —1 min read
Three types of problems

Think about the software you use, then think about how you solved the same problem before you used that software.