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daily commit — 2 min read
Agile houses

We often contrast software to physical buildings--the idea that software is easy to change, whereas buildings are difficult to change. But is this really true?

daily commit — 1 min read
Pick a methodology: Scrum, Kanban, XP, Lean or DevOps?

None of these items directly replaces or conflicts with any of the others. In fact, you can use them all simultaneously.

daily commit — 2 min read
"Readability" is subjective

Ask yourself: Will the least experienced developer likely to read this code be able to understand it?

daily commit — 5 min read
Should you use git hooks to boost dev productivity?

What are best practices for using git hooks for developer productivity?

podcast — 29 min listen
The Tiny DevOps Podcast #29 Rob Walling — Does "DevOps" Matter to Investors?

Rob Walling, co-founder of the TinySeed accelerator for bootstrapped SaaS companies, joins me to discuss what investors and potential acquirers look for in the technology they're investing in.

daily commit — 1 min read
What's the officially correct time to mark a user story "complete"?

User stories exist to serve you, not the other way around.

daily commit — 2 min read
Why I don't like Jira

I believe Jira is responsible for more lost human productivity than any other software ever created. And yes, that's even when considering Windows Me!

daily commit — 1 min read
What makes an agile tool "good"?

The best tools offer two things: They make useful things easier, and unuseful things harder.

podcast — 25 min listen
Adventures In DevOps 101: How to prepare for an interview

Jonathan talks about how he prepares for a tech interview, and offers insights from the point of view of a hiring manager as well.

daily commit — 2 min read
Can a "feature factory" be "Agile"?

You may achieve technical excellence, but without a holistic agile approach, you may just be shipping technically excellent, but worthless features.

podcast — 51 min listen
The Tiny DevOps Podcast #28 Amando Abreu — Defining Confusing Terms

Amando Abreu joins me again, this time to discuss definitions of many of the confusing terms that abound in the industry of software development, Agile, and DevOps.

daily commit — 2 min read
Dimensions of specialization

As your career progresses, you'll lkely want to niche down across more than one of these dimensions of specialization.

daily commit — 3 min read
Should you call yourself "fullstack"?

The term "fullstack" propagates a commodity mindset that harms candidates.

daily commit — 1 min read
How I became a CouchDB PMC member

I learned that contributing to open source can take many forms, and may not require writing code at all.

daily commit — 3 min read
How would you improve velocity on a team you're working with?

The first thing I would do is stop measuring velocity.

podcast — 73 min listen
Adventures In DevOps 100: DevOps 100

Jillian, Jonathan, Shimon, Will, and Chuck discuss the history of the show, their favorite episodes, and what they think is coming in 2022.

daily commit — 1 min read
An easy way to contribute to open source

Next time you're learning a new open source tool, consider submitting doc fixes as you see errors.

daily commit — 1 min read
My first accepted pull request

Have you ever contributed to open-source software? You should. It's easy.

podcast — 29 min listen
The Tiny DevOps Podcast #27 Steve Wells — Using Games and Simulations for Agile Education

Steve Wells talks about his platform for Agile games and simulations, and how they can be used to illustrate complex Agile concepts, such as inter-team dependencies, in easier to digest ways.