Hiring —1 min read
How to boost productivity without boosting headcount

We need to clear this traffic jam, so lets put more cars on the road...

Hiring —2 min read
Why do you want to grow so fast?

There are many good reasons for a company to grow, but there are probably more bad reasons.

Hiring —1 min read
Math quiz

How many people do you need to hire to grow from 10 to 50 in one year?

Learning —2 min read
Pivot == Double-loop learning

So any time you see a company pivot, it's an example of double-loop learning happening.

Learning —58 min listen
Adventures in DevOps 146: Key Takeaways From Conferences

We discuss our experiences and tips to get the most out of your next tech conference.

Learning —1 min read
Here we go Loop de Loop

Are you familiar with the concept of double-loop learning? It's a powerful one.

Business of DevOps —3 min read
An SLA is a business metric, not a technical one

Is a 99.999% SLA unrealistic? Does it actually matter?

Tech Tools —2 min read
Why do we hold on to our old ways of working?

Technology comes and goes. Why do we still use GitFlow, but not Windows Mobile? Why did we stop using 5.25" floppies, but never fully adopted static analysis?

Everything Else —2 min read
Why I blog

I'm on a mission to stop wasting developer talent with broken processes. Blogging about ways to improve processes is one way I'm trying to achieve that mission.

Everything Else —3 min read
6 ways to make money blogging

From ad revenue and sponsorships, to writing for hire, or landing a better job.

Career Advice —3 min read
How my blog helped me earn $250,000+

I know of no better way to leave a positive impression, earlier in the candidate search process, than simply having a blog.