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Agile isn't a religion

Agile isn't a religion. The Manifesto isn't scripture. Let's not treat them as such.

Why I spent more than 400 EUR on software I didn't want

I have a job to do, and spending €400 allowed me to complete the job more effectively.

DevOps is not a set of tools

In the same way that tools don't make art, tools don't make DevOps.

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daily commit — 3 min read
Is it a good day to optimize?

How do you decide between watching James Bond or a romantic comedy? Every decision optimizes for something. What do you optimize for when designing computing systems?

daily commit — 2 min read
What if we can't afford to hire an expert?

When you can't afford to hire an expert, “moneyball it”. Hire a fractional expert.

daily commit — 4 min read
How should we choose our WIP limits?

Start with a WIP limit equal to the number of people working a stage times a small number, such as 1.5 or 2. Then adjust up or down as necessary.

daily commit — 2 min read
Why WIP limits?

WIP limits help point out bottlenecks in your process, so you know where to focus attention for improvement.

daily commit — 4 min read
Who to hire first: A senior or junior?

For a first hire, select a candidate with seniority in line with the role's ability to destroy your business.

daily commit — 3 min read
My worst deployment war story

Over the 12 months I worked on this project, there were two instances in which deployments were blocked for more than a week.

daily commit — 1 min read
Agility is relative

Describing something as "agile" makes about as much sense as describing something as "big". Agility only exists in relation to something else.

daily commit — 1 min read
BDUF vs emergant design

In the debate over the merits of BDUF vs emergant design, who's right? Both camps are right.

daily commit — 2 min read
Should we use Kubernetes for our MVP?

If you answer "no" any of these questions, strongly consider alternatives to Kubernetes for the time being.

daily commit — 1 min read
My thoughts on SAFe (The Scaled “Agile” Framework)

SAFe is a bad name, becuase there's very little "agile" about it, but that doesn't mean it's bad for everyone.

daily commit — 2 min read
Can we parallelize agile?

What makes large, agile companies successful? The fact that each team, individually, is being agile. It's agile in parallel, not agile at scale.

podcast — 54 min listen
Adventures In DevOps 089: Networking Across Clouds with Kubernetes ft. Alex feiszli

Alex Feiszli from GRAVITL joins the adventure to discuss how to securely connect Kubernetes clusters across clouds from one cluster to another. The discussion spans how to make secure connections and how the connections might be used.

daily commit — 3 min read
Can we scale agile?

The Agile manifesto makes it pretty clear that agile software development happens at the team level.

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daily commit — 1 min read
Reader response: How does QA fit into DevOps?

“We solve the problem of the ‘wall of confusion’ between dev and QA by enabling dev teams to do most testing on their own.”

daily commit — 3 min read
Has Facebook outgrown "Move fast and break things"?

Did Facebook's recent outages prove that they're moving too fast? I don't know. And neither do you. We don't have all the information.

daily commit — 1 min read
Reader response to: The science of software development

"Debugging is the act of answering questions and then answering them. Not: guessing what the answer is."

daily commit — 2 min read
Should we use RICE to prioritize our agile backlog?

If your goal is agility, you should be changing priorities frequently enough that planning more than one or two tasks ahead is a waste of time.

daily commit — 3 min read
Is Lean really relevant to software development?

Can a manufacturing methodology really apply to other industries?