Tech Tools —63 min listen
Adventures in DevOps 160: Building Zeet with Johnny Dallas

Johnny Dallas, CEO of Zeet, discusses the company's services and his journey as a developer on a show with Jonathan and Will.

Software Delivery —2 min read
I disagree with you, but give me advice anyway

I can't help you if we can't agree on this.

Agile Principles —2 min read
Ready or not...

Should you love or hate the Definition of Ready?

Teams & Culture —1 min read
There's not always a villian

The hardest problems to solve are cultural problems.

Business of DevOps —56 min listen
Adventures in DevOps 159: Approaches on Cost Effectiveness with Omer Hamerman

Omer Hamerman joins Adventures in DevOps to discuss cost optimization, sharing strategies and methods impacting application performance.

Agile Principles —2 min read
We're too busy building features

Don't let the desire for delivering customer value prevent you from making value delivery faster!

Coding Practices —1 min read
But tests have to change when your code changes...

...which is often actually an asset.

Working with Me —1 min read
What's it like to work with me?

I'm the annoying guy who always asks "Why?" and "What problem are you trying to solve?"

Teams & Culture —2 min read
Don't behave like a 2-year-old

Many software development teams seem stuck in the imitative stage, when it comes to business practices.

Tech Tools —55 min listen
Adventures in DevOps 158: Platform Engineering with Luca Galante

Luca Galante from Humanitec and Platform Weekly joins the show to discuss Platform Engineering's concept and impact on DevOps.

Teams & Culture —1 min read
Is customer value your mainline quest?

If your project were in an RPG, would your mainline quests be delivering value? Or do you have to do that on side quests?