Learning —1 min read
I know I'm wrong

I just don't know what I'm wrong about. Obviously.

Agile Principles —2 min read
Velocity, capacity, and unplanned work

Velocity usually includes unplanned work, which limits its usefulness for capacity planning and forecasting.

Tech Tools —47 min listen
Adventures in DevOps 111: Infrastructure as code and Amazon CDK

Have you considered the significance of infrastructure as code and its importance in the industry?

Agile Principles —2 min read
Two ways to approach a hard deadline in software

Can incremental software development work under a hard deadline?

Hiring —43 min episode
Tiny DevOps episode #41 Morgan Craft — Is a fractional CTO right for your company?

Morgan Craft is a New York-based former software engineer and CTO, and currently a founder and Fractional CTO. He joins me to discuss the concept of a fractional CTO, why they're growing in popularity, and how to decide whether one is right for you.

Software Delivery —1 min read
How long does it take to deploy?

Don't deploy when you can't stick around to see it through.

Software Delivery —2 min read
How to safely deploy at any time

You write it, you ship it.

Software Delivery —1 min read
Don't deploy on payday!

Blocking deployments on certain days is an admission that standards are lower every other day.

Coding Practices —1 min read
The affect of comments in unclear code

Roses are red, violets are blue. Honey is sweet, and clear code is, too.

Teams & Culture —45 min listen
Adventures in DevOps 110: Building and Organizing DevOps Teams

The panel breaks down the process of building a "DevOps team".

Software Delivery —2 min read
You are advised to arrive at the airport two hours before your flight

Why do we have to arrive so early for a flight? How would you reduce the wait times?