Teams & Culture —1 min read
No running!

By calling iterations "Sprints", Scrum implies a need for constant running. Don't be fooled.

Agile Principles —1 min read
"Agile" isn't about delivering every sprint

Frequently delivering software, but not considering feedback on how to improve, isn't agile.

Teams & Culture —1 min read
The Boy Scout Rule

Don't focus on lofty goals. Fcus on daily making the code a little bit better.

Coding Practices —3 min read
Driving with your hands at 10 and 2

Maybe strict TDD isn't necessary for experts, but it's still useful to learn.

Coding Practices —2 min read
It's the granularity that matters

It's not the red/green/refactor cycle. The important thing is working in short test/code or code/test cycles.

Teams & Culture —1 min read
"Transparency" is so opaque

What does "transparency" even mean? What decisions could you make differently if you had it?

Tech Tools —44 min listen
Adventures in DevOps 127: DevOps and Log Management

Various strategies to logging and log management and what you can start implementing today.

Coding Practices —1 min read
The doorway effect

Write code as if every function is a doorway, and every reader of my code will always experience the doorway effect.

Tech Tools —1 min read
Alerting or Monitoring?

An alert that you can't respond to is a wasted alert. But monitoring can cover anything.

Teams & Culture —1 min read
Who owns the release?

With different teams responsible for development and release, we often end up with silos.

Tech Tools —2 min read
How serious is a deployment failure?

A deployment failure should go through standard alert channels, but should it page whomever is on call?