Software Delivery —45 min episode
Tiny DevOps episode #40 Stacy Cashmore — The painful crawl through the morass of past shortcuts

Stacy Cashmore has the interesting title of Tech Explorer DevOps at Omniplan, which means she has free reign to do what she thinks she needs to do! In this episode, we talk about a big rewrite decision she made, and the results of this decision, good and bad, and in particular the effect of shortcuts taken.

Agile Principles —2 min read
The Theory of Constraints

Most processes are dominated by a single bottleneck. Focus your improvement efforts on that bottleneck for best results.

Teams & Culture —1 min read
In-person management is sometimes like riding shotgun

While sitting in the front seat may make me feel I have more control, I really don't.

Teams & Culture —3 min read
Gervais, meet Westrum

The Gervais Principle, as dark as it may be, only explains a mere 80% of organizations.

Teams & Culture —2 min read
How trusting is your organization's culture?

Organizations that tend toward trusting cultures exhibit higher software delivery performance and higher levels of job satisfaction.

Hiring —2 min read
How to detect "real" programmers

New research suggests simple questions for basic technical screening.

Teams & Culture —1 min read
What does the team say?

Often a mediocre decision made by the team is better than a perfect decision made by a single leader.

Quality Engineering —3 min read
How to travel light

Software delivery is a lot like traveling. Less luggage makes for a better experience.

Agile Principles —2 min read
The "Why" Conversation

Next time you're facing an unclear feature or epic, ask: Why this? Why now? Why me?

Software Delivery —4 min read
When I don't (exactly) use Trunk-Based Development

Today I go on record admitting I don't always use TBD, I do sometimes use long-lived branches, and I sometimes even share a branch with another dev.

Agile Principles —1 min read
How do you know a good Agile Coach?

Two fundamental questions I'd ask any Agile Coach job candidates, if I were hiring.