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How I learned TDD (the hard way)

The first time I saw TDD demonstrated I rushed home to try it out. I wrote a few tests. I did a little TDD. And I hated it.

Skip the take-home assessment

Next time you're asked to do a take-home coding assignment for a job application, push back a little.

That one time I fired our QA team

I got a few complaints from developers who didn't enjoy splitting focus between dev and testing, but they admited it was better than before.

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daily commit — 3 min read
How does QA fit into DevOps?

The traditional Dev/QA dichotomy is analous to the Dev/Ops dichotomy DevOps aims to solve. The same solution can work for both.

daily commit — 1 min read
The science of software development

How do you use the scientific method in your daily work?

daily commit — 1 min read
Do you talk to your users?

Talking to users isn't the job of a user researcher. It's your job as a developer, product owner, UX designer, or any other product contributor.

daily commit — 2 min read
What can we learn from the Facebook outage?

Facebook has revealed the cause of their 6-hour outage: human error. I hope those pesky humans learned their lesson! Or is there more to it?

daily commit — 2 min read
What's the least we can do?

When you can't scale down a large feature, think of it the other way around: How could you deliver this by tomorrow?

daily commit — 4 min read
A simple solution to the confusion between "testing" and "checking"

The distinction some make between "testing" and "checking" is valuable. But the terminology is not. We can do better (with practically no effort).

daily commit — 2 min read
Reader question: What kind of role should I look for when starting a career in DevOps?

“Is it a good idea to look for specifically DevOps roles, or other positions like sys admin, engineer, etc?”

daily commit — 2 min read
Are developers blinded by their optimism?

"Developers are optimistic, testers are pessimistic." I don't buy it.

daily commit — 1 min read
The distinction between "testing" and "checking"

"Testing" and "checking" are two different types of activities. They deserve a distinction.

daily commit — 2 min read
Save "Check" for chess

"Check" is one of the most ambiguous function names I see. Avoid it.

daily commit — 1 min read
Join me for a free live session: DevOps Technology Choices Q&A

Do you have DevOps-related technology questions? Join me Oct 8 for a free Q&A session!

daily commit — 2 min read
What is the difference between deploy and release?

Just as software delivery can be separated from deployment, feature deployment can be separated from release.

daily commit — 3 min read
A brief history of CI/CD

CD takes the concept of a CI pipeline to its logical conclusion. But that doesn't mean you have to implement a complete CI pipeline first.

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daily commit — 1 min read
DevOps Careers Q&A Replay

“How do we cope with the expectation that we need to be learning new DevOps technologies all the time?” and other Q&A

daily commit — 1 min read
What are your least favorite things?

One simple question that can help separate the novices from the experts.

daily commit — 3 min read
Are your hiring filters working?

How often would an otherwise great candidate simply not continue the application process due to your filtering criteria?

daily commit — 1 min read
Can you end code freezes?

Does your team face code freezes? What's preventing you from using trunk-based development and continuous integration to thaw your code once and for all?

daily commit — 1 min read
Do your developers write tests?

When test writing is removed from code writing, there's no observed benefit in IT performance. Writing tests in a silo is an anti-pattern.