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Start spending time on new features, instead of release management.

Are you sold on the benefits of Continuous Delivery and Deployment, but unsure how to get there?

Are you being held back by any of these concerns?

  • Your project doesn’t have sufficient test coverage
  • Your software requires manual testing
  • Your releases requires human approval
  • Not all developers on your team are senior
  • It’s not safe to deployment on a Friday afternoon
  • You operate in a highly-regulated industry
  • Automation makes your boss, project manager, or other interested party nervous

I have news for you:

None of these concerns are actually about Continuous Deployment!

The Lean CD approach makes CD the starting point, not the finish line.

The Lean CD approach differs from more traditional CD migrations. It doesn’t eliminate any manual or human checks, instead it simply re-orders them. This addresses most concerns with solid benefits:

  • Use CD without writing any automated tests
  • Start CD while continuing your manaul testing
  • Any number of human approvals are still possible
  • Simple enough for even the most junior developer
  • Retain complete control over release schedules
  • Flexible enough for even the most highly-regulated industries
  • Set everyone’s mind at ease, by retaining all the human control you desire

Further, by putting Lean CD in place, it actually becomes much easier to automate portions of processes, as needed.

If your project is stuck with slow releases, you should take my Lean CD Bootcamp.

In the Lean Continuous Deployment Bootcamp, you’ll learn:

  • Lesson 1: Definition of Done
  • Lesson 2: Set up a skeleton automation pipeline
  • Lesson 3: Automate your builds
  • Lesson 4: Automate your deployments
  • Lesson 5: Create or repurpose a preview environment
  • Lesson 6: Update the development workflow
  • Lesson 7: Trunk-based development
  • Lesson 8: Flip the switch
  • Lesson 9 and following: Ephemeral preview environments, and other optimizations and tips

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