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Hi, I'm Jonathan Hall

I help small companies deliver software with big tech confidence, on a small tech budget.

Are dreams of faster software delivery hampered by complexity, instability, and lacking confidence? My free email course, Lean CD Bootcamp will show you how you can begin implementing Continuous Delivery right away.

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Alexander Kaiser

Principal Architect, Textkernel

Jonathan discussed his findings with us, but also strategies on how to onboard new developers, development environment and CI setup, and solutions for more long-term problems our product needed to solve beyond its initial release. Jonathan is anything but dogmatic, very open minded, but also very serious about quality and sound reasoning.

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I got a few complaints from developers who didn't enjoy splitting focus between dev and testing, but they admited it was better than before.

Humans are Turing complete

Any task we can automate can be performed by a human. This is probably pretty obvious, but has some interesting implications.

DevOps is not a set of tools

In the same way that tools don't make art, tools don't make DevOps.