Tech Tools —2 min read
Dismiss stale pull requests when new commits are pushed

Can disabling this feature be a small win for your team?

Coding Practices —2 min read
Comments vs self-documenting code

Why not both?

Coding Practices —2 min read
How do you format your code?

Tabs or spaces?

Tech Tools —1 min read
The dangers of feature flags

Feature flags can be powerful. But they aren't free.

Tech Tools —2 min read
So why do I like feature flags?

It can be valuable to expose it to a small subset of users. Perhaps a single user.

Software Delivery —2 min read
Feature flags aren't about continuos deployment

Although they do easily overcome a common objection.

Everything Else —2 min read
It's not that I hate JavaScript...'s that it's been forced upon me.

Software Delivery —2 min read
Version numbers are free

There is literally an unlimited number of version numbers. Don't be stingy.

Software Delivery —3 min read
Should we feel bad if we don't deploy on Friday afternoon?

Everytime we decide when to deploy, we're making a business decision. And few business decisions are black-or-white.

Software Delivery —2 min read
Are friday deployments "risky"?

It's only risky if your system is unreliable.

Everything Else —1 min read
FOSDEM 2024: You're already running my Code

How I became a Go contributor, and you can, too.