Software Delivery —45 min episode
Tiny DevOps episode #43 Jason Adam — A conversation about trunk-based development

Jason Adam is a software developer with a non-traditional background in biology, business development, and data analytics. Now he's active as a developer, and on the lookout for proven practices he can introduce to his team. On this episode we talk about Trunk-Based Development, and the related topics of continuous integration and deployment, infrastruture as code, and much more.

Go Programming —2 min episode
Tiny DevOps BONUS episode: Tiny DevOps is back! Plus a couple announcements

The Tiny DevOps podcast is back! Plus a couple of announcements.

Agile Principles —2 min read
Inputs, outputs, and outcomes

How do you measure the effectiveness of your team's or project's work?

Coding Practices —1 min read
New YouTube Channel: Boldly Go

Are you a Go developer? Thinking of learning Go? Check out my new YouTube channel: Boldly Go!

Software Delivery —2 min read
Are code freezes ever a good idea?

I found a tool to make code freezes easier. Ick. But could it ever be useful?

Agile Principles —46 min listen
Adventures in DevOps 130: Transforming from DevOps to DevSecOps

Will Kelly joins us to outline his approach to transforming from DevOps to DevSecOps.

Career Advice —4 min read
What makes for a "senior"?

To summarize, what I expect from a senior is: technical competence with an eagerness to improve.

Career Advice —2 min read
How to avoid HackerRank & LeetCode on your job search

Avoid wasting time in your job search by asking about the entire hiring process during the phone screening.

Coding Practices —2 min read
Can your change be safely reverted?

There isn't a one-size-fits all solution, but it's important to consider revertable changes.

Go Programming —33 min watch
Buggy BLANK identifiers in Go

I recently found a bug in golangci-lint... and even in Go 1.18, related to blank identifiers! What are they? Are they ever useful?

Software Delivery —3 min read
Merge SOMETHING every day

Even with long-running feature branches, you can merge something daily. A bug fix, refactor, or utility function.