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How I learned TDD (the hard way)

The first time I saw TDD demonstrated I rushed home to try it out. I wrote a few tests. I did a little TDD. And I hated it.

The U-Shaped Cell

The Toyota Production System's U-Shaped Cell is a favorite DevOps analogy: Put all the tools within reach of a single developer.

DevOps is not a set of tools

In the same way that tools don't make art, tools don't make DevOps.

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daily commit — 2 min read
Readability is paramount

What value is short, clever code that nobody understands? Readability should usually be the first priority in any technical artifact you write.

podcast — 47 min listen
The Tiny DevOps Podcast #18 Steve Pereira — The value of value flow mapping

Steve Pereira describes the concept of value stream mapping, and how it, and related techniques, can be used to improve the flow of practically any process from product ideation to delivery and customer experience. Steve is the founder of Visible, and is obsessed with making tech human, and leveraging it to deliver continuous value.

daily commit — 1 min read
Engineering is like high school

After we find land a first job we learn that correct answers often often technically inferior solutions, answers, or proposals win the day. Why?

daily commit — 1 min read
The two most common DevOps anti-patterns

"DevOps" is so often misunderstood, many companies who think they're doing DevOps are actually doing one of these anti-patterns.

daily commit — 1 min read
Politics are expected

Unless literally work alone, you will experience workplace politics. The question is: is it abusive?

daily commit — 1 min read
How to measure continuous improvement

We can count retrospectives, but that feels like a vanity metric. How do we know if we're actually improving?

daily commit — 1 min read
"Agile" is not a noun

Even in the manifesto, the word "agile" is used as an adjective, not a noun. I think this clarifies the meaning significantly.

podcast — 49 min listen
Adventures In DevOps 092: Scaling Your Applications with Kafka and Scaling Kafka ft. Abhinav Dhasmana

Abhinav Dhasmana joins the adventure to discuss how he got Kafka to scale to handle thousands of messages. He explains how to scale Kafka up and how to allow applications to scale with the messaging architecture provided by Kafka.

daily commit — 2 min read
The best tools money can buy

In the best interest of the IT system as a whole, optimize for the engineer's time, since that time is expensive.

podcast — 38 min listen
The Tiny DevOps Podcast #17 Daniel Bartholomae — Borrow My Brain: Integrating Dev and QA

In this episode, Daniel Bartholomae, CTO of Optilyz, "borrows my brain" for a consultatative discussion about how to improve the integration of QA in a growing startup with just two dev teams.

daily commit — 2 min read
When to not be agile

What if you're in a business where you know all the requirements up front, you do not need to respond quickly to change?

podcast — 11 min listen
The Tiny DevOps Podcast Bonus: The scariest technical screening you've ever seen!

In this short, Halloween bonus episode, I talk about a very scary technical screening process I learned about just a couple of days ago. I explain why the screening process is scary from the perspective of both the candidate, and the hiring manager.

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daily commit — 1 min read
Another look behind the scenes of this post

I recently created an 8-minute video where I walk through my daly routine of writing one of these emails.

podcast — 52 min listen
Auf die Ohren und ins Hirn 52: DevOps in Small Companies

DevOps is usually viewed in the context of large organizations. But what does DevOps look like in small organizations? Does DevOps make sense in this context? Is it even feasible?

podcast — 28 min listen
The Tiny DevOps Podcast #16 Lukas Vermeer — Can small companies do effective A/B testing?

In this episode I speak with Lukas Vermeer, former head of experimentation at Booking.com, and currently working with Vistaprint. He answers the question of whether A/B testing makes sense in small companies and startups, and with small numbers of customers. We also discuss the broader topic of experimentation in general, and applying the scientific method to business development.

podcast — 37 min listen
Adventures In DevOps 091: How to Get Started with DevOps

Will and Jonathan discuss how to get started with a career in DevOps and how companies can get things started at your company with DevOps.

daily commit — 4 min read
When should you assign technical homework during an interview?

I once worked with a company that had a take-home assignment as the first stage of an interview process. Ugh. Here are my suggested alternatives.

daily commit — 2 min read
When are small WIP limits appropriate?

There are many times when you may want a WIP limit of less than 1 per team member. Here are some examples.