Tech Tools —2 min read
Database migration tips & tricks

A few "obvious" database migration tips that I've run into, that I guess may not always be so obvious.

Continuous Improvement —1 min read

Don't let the perfect ideals be the enemy of progress.

Software Delivery —3 min read
How to handle long-running batch jobs during an upgrade

Two approaches to managing hours-long jobs with continuous deployment.

Software Delivery —2 min read
How to experiment with CD in a GitFlow environment

Can we experiment with continuous deployment without completely migrating away from GitFlow first? Here are a couple approaches.

Career Advice —3 min read
Mission: Impossile — Finding a Good Analogy

Not every company wants to hire a super star; also niching down can make you a star in your niche.

Hiring —2 min read
Does Tom Cruise still audition?

Asking Cruise to audition is likely a way to _not_ get him into your film. The same can be true for take-home coding challenges.

Agile Principles —2 min read
Incremental software delivery makes deadlines (almost) meaningless

If you deliver value incrementally, you get scope cutting for free. With or without a deadline.

Continuous Improvement —6 min read
A Look at Atlassian's April 2022 Jira Outage

What lessons can you take from this incident for your own organization?

Quality Engineering —71 min listen
Adventures in DevOps 112: Building Code More Responsibly: A Mental Model Shift

A philosophical conversation around building code more responsibly and how ethics and accountability is to be integrated into the DevOps industry.

Agile Principles —49 min episode
Tiny DevOps episode #42 Jac Hughes — All about Scrum, when you should (and shouldn't) use it, and how to get started

Agile coach and consultant Jac Hughes joins me to talk about his experience with Scrum, when it does and does not make sense, and how to get started with it, if you've made that decision.

Teams & Culture —2 min read
Finding a vision

A direction is important for every team, and if not provided with one, the team will invent their own.