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DevOps is just cooperation

Any time you hear the word "DevOps" in a sentance, phrase, or title, replace it with the word "Cooperation" and see if it still makes sense.

That one time I fired our QA team

I got a few complaints from developers who didn't enjoy splitting focus between dev and testing, but they admited it was better than before.

Agile isn't a religion

Agile isn't a religion. The Manifesto isn't scripture. Let's not treat them as such.

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daily commit — 1 min read
Version control all the things!

Keeping configuration in version control is highly correlated with software delivery performance.

daily commit — 1 min read
Join me for a free live session: DevOps Careers Q&A

Do you have DevOps-related career questions? Join me Sept 23 for a free Q&A session!

daily commit — 2 min read
What's the difference between DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering?

Simply put, SRE is only the operations side of DevOps.

daily commit — 2 min read
What does it take to affect change?

Change is hard. We're more receptive to change when we're facing crisis. How can you change to face a crisis effectively?

daily commit — 1 min read
The Butterfly Effect: How a single bit changed my career

Watch my PyConAu 2021 presentation about how I was first introduced to the DevOps principles early in my career, and guidance for your own DevOps journey.

daily commit — 3 min read
Knowledge options

Normally when we think of up-skilling, we think of taking a class. But what if you never use that knowledge? A knowledge option is a tool to reduce this risk.

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daily commit — 1 min read
Invest in flexibility

Sometimes a decision must be made without the necessary information. Deferring commitment is not possible, and some decisions aren't easily reversable. This is where the third option of investing in flexibility comes in.

video — 26 min watch
PyCon AU presentation: The Butterfly Effect

I relate the story of a single bit gone wrong back in 2006, which launched my career on a new trajectory of root-cause analysis, continuous improvement, and DevOps.

article — 10 min read
How to learn DevOps

In this article, my goal is to clear up some confusion about “DevOps”, and provide some pointers for those who want to learn more.

daily commit — 2 min read
Make reversable decisions

Frequently we're faced with a decision where blindly following the principle of decide as late as possible might make our lives more painful. Sometimes we can make a choice that's easy to unmake.

daily commit — 2 min read
Defer commitment

This Lean software development principle of "decide as late as possible" is often criticized as too limiting. And rightly so, to a degree.

daily commit — 2 min read
Real options

Every day we're faced with the option, but not the obligation, to do something. This is one of the concepts behind the concept of "deferring commitment" in Lean software development.

daily commit — 3 min read
Reader Response to "Can you work from an airplane?"

If your application relies on serverless functions, often there's limited opportunity for "from an airplane" work.

daily commit — 1 min read
Do less rework

By working in smaller iterations, we don't just re-organize our work, we actually reduce the amount of work we do.

daily commit — 3 min read
Can you work from an airplane?

If every engineer on your team cannot do _meaningful_ work from an airplane, your development environment is broken.

daily commit — 4 min read
Different models of CI/CD

There's almost always more than one way to do something. What workflow does your team use for CI/CD?

daily commit — 1 min read
Planning vs short feedback loops

In the debate between planned architecture and short iterations, whose right? Both are right, of course.

daily commit — 1 min read
Build quality in

Is QA a separate stage in your software development pipeline? This is a "smell", an indicator of deeper problems.