What's less confusing name for a "CI server/pipeline"?

Is it just a "server"?

So if “Continuous Integration” means, you know… actually integrating… continuously…

And “Continuous Integration” does not mean “A server/process that runs test on checkin”…

Then what’s a good name for the latter?

I think the lack of such a good, accepted, term, is a big part of the reason people misuse, and subsequently misunderstand, what “CI” is originally meant to be about.

We say things like “It runs in CI”.

Or, “I’m configuring CI.”

Or, “That team manages CI.”

Do you have a good generic term for this thing?

“Deployment pipeline” or “Deployment server” might work, but it’s really more broad than that. Because the tests run in a CI pipeline aren’t about deploying.

so maybe “Build pipeline/server”? But running tests isn’t strictly the same as building, either. Neither is deployment.

“Automation server”? But isn’t that what all servers do?

What are your thoughts? What’s a good generic name for the server/service/system/pipepeline that runs automated tests, security checks, does builds, and deployments of your software?

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