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DevOps is just cooperation

Any time you hear the word "DevOps" in a sentance, phrase, or title, replace it with the word "Cooperation" and see if it still makes sense.

DevOps is not a set of tools

In the same way that tools don't make art, tools don't make DevOps.

The U-Shaped Cell

The Toyota Production System's U-Shaped Cell is a favorite DevOps analogy: Put all the tools within reach of a single developer.

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10 min read
10 Methods for In-Depth Code Review

For many of us, code review is like eating broccoli: We know it's good for us, but we hate it. Here are my 10 tangible tips to improve the value of code reviews, and hopefully make them less distasteful.

10 min read
How to learn DevOps

In this article, my goal is to clear up some confusion about “DevOps”, and provide some pointers for those who want to learn more.

12 min read
Is remote work doomed to failure?

I predict that within 5 years, a majority of companies with optional work-from-home policy will be migrating back to an in-person workforce. But hope is not lost for those who are intentional about building a remote-first workplace.

10 min read
Why Is DevOps Important? A Philosophical Look for 2021

DevOps is built on the timeless principle of cooperation. Whether the term remains, the concepts driving DevOps are here to stay. The only question is this: in what new ways will we apply these principles?

5 min read
What is the ROI of Test-Driven Development?

Common break-even calculations for TDD are wrong when experienced TDD devs are involved becuase TDD makes development faster.

10 min read
The Zero-prep Postmortem: How to run your first incident postmortem with no preparation

7 min read
4 Benefits of Continous Deployment

Not long ago, the idea of a one-button software build was novel. Now it seems blasé and continuous deployment takes that concept to the next level.

19 min read
Can Pull Requests Be Replaced?

6 min read
Is Kubernetes Right for a Small Team?

8 min read
Go JSON Tricks: The Self-Referencing Marshaler

5 min read
My Funny Habit: Code Review for Solo Projects

22 min read
How to Land a Job Using GitHub

7 min read
Why Great Habits Are More Important Than Great Skills

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13 min read
The 3 Best Config File Formats

6 min read
Go JSON Tricks: Extending an Embedded Marshaler

1 min read
Better WFH: Making remote work more effective

17 min read
6 ways to RUIN your logging

11 min read
Reader Question: TDD Reading List