Software Delivery —9 min read
Avoid merge conflicts, don't manage them

Or: why sweeping up the glass after an accident doesn't make you a responsible driver

Continuous Improvement —6 min read
A Look at Atlassian's April 2022 Jira Outage

What lessons can you take from this incident for your own organization?

Agile Principles —3 min read
Why Small Batches Make Us Happy

4 surprising ways that small batches affect us psychologically

Coding Practices —7 min read
Regular Expressions Are the Best! s/Best/Worst/

Regular Expressions. Ya love 'em or ya hate 'em. But it shouldn't be so black-or-white. Here's when they do, and don't make sense.

Agile Principles —4 min read
How Small Batches Improve Our Code

5 ways smaller releases, pull requests, user stories, and commits can improve your code

Coding Practices —4 min read
The Dangers of Fatal Logging

log.Fatal violates the Single Responsibility Principle in insidious ways. Never use it!

Agile Principles —5 min read
Why Your Business Should Care About Small Batches

5 ways smaller software releases can impact your business

Agile Principles —13 min read
Why NPS isn't very useful: A look at the NPS of SAFe

Often criticized for its statistical silliness, I see that as the least silly part of NPS. Here I break down where I think NPS really fails, examining the recent "NPS of SAFe" article by Age of Product.

Code Review —7 min read
10 Methods for In-Depth Code Review

For many of us, code review is like eating broccoli: We know it's good for us, but we hate it. Here are my 10 tangible tips to improve the value of code reviews, and hopefully make them less distasteful.

Career Advice —7 min read
How to learn DevOps

In this article, my goal is to clear up some confusion about “DevOps”, and provide some pointers for those who want to learn more.

Remote Work —8 min read
Is remote work doomed to failure?

I predict that within 5 years, a majority of companies with optional work-from-home policy will be migrating back to an in-person workforce. But hope is not lost for those who are intentional about building a remote-first workplace.