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article — 4 min read
My Funny Habit: Code Review for Solo Projects

article — 14 min read
How to Land a Job Using GitHub

article — 5 min read
Why Great Habits Are More Important Than Great Skills

article — 8 min read
The 3 Best Config File Formats

article — 5 min read
Go JSON Tricks: Extending an Embedded Marshaler

article — 11 min read
6 ways to RUIN your logging

video — 52 min watch
WFH WTF: Eliminating some of the WTF around remote work

guest article — 13 min read
How to Use Nancy to Improve Your Go Application Security

Nancy, as you may know by reputation, is a detective. She uses Sonatype's OSS Index to check for vulnerabilities in your Go dependencies.

video — 26 min watch
Talk Notes: Advanced JSON Handling in Go

article — 8 min read
Reader Question: TDD Reading List

article — 13 min read
My Most Controversial Opinions

video — 21 min watch
Talk Notes: Scaling CD Down

article — 6 min read
Go JSON Tricks: JSON Arrays as Go Structs

article — 14 min read
CD Without CI

Conventional wisdom tells us that an automated test pipeline is the necessary first piece to Continuous Deployment. I challenge that thinking.

article — 9 min read
These Days Proper CI is Table Stakes

article — 5 min read
Go JSON Tricks: "Slightly" Custom Marshaling

article — 8 min read
Say Farewell to Forgotten Cleanups

article — 6 min read
Solve Every Problem Twice

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Simple Go Mocks