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DevOps is not a set of tools

In the same way that tools don't make art, tools don't make DevOps.

DevOps isn't about automation

Regadless of how much automation you have (or don't have), if you have hand-offs, you're not doing DevOps.

How I learned TDD (the hard way)

The first time I saw TDD demonstrated I rushed home to try it out. I wrote a few tests. I did a little TDD. And I hated it.

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article — 8 min read
Go JSON Tricks: JSON Arrays as Go Structs

article — 22 min read
CD Without CI

Conventional wisdom tells us that an automated test pipeline is the necessary first piece to Continuous Deployment. I challenge that thinking.

article — 13 min read
These Days Proper CI is Table Stakes

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Go JSON Tricks: "Slightly" Custom Marshaling

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Say Farewell to Forgotten Cleanups

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Solve Every Problem Twice

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Simple Go Mocks

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5 Reasons for Code Review

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How to use GitLab-CI with a GitHub-hosted repository

article — 8 min read
Solo DevOps

article — 2 min read
Dancing Skeletons

article — 12 min read
Automated Testing False Dichotomy #2: All vs None

article — 9 min read
The False Dichotomies of Automated Testing

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article — 2 min read
How I got go-spew to work with GopherJS

article — 4 min read
Where are the domain experts?

article — 5 min read
One thing I miss about unit tests: Unit tests as Documentation

article — 14 min read
How to learn REST: A resource guide