Teams & Culture —1 min read
The Boy Scout Rule

Don't focus on lofty goals. Fcus on daily making the code a little bit better.

Teams & Culture —1 min read
"Transparency" is so opaque

What does "transparency" even mean? What decisions could you make differently if you had it?

Teams & Culture —1 min read
Who owns the release?

With different teams responsible for development and release, we often end up with silos.

Teams & Culture —1 min read
How do you get people to see the light?

Imagine a world where it was easy to convince everyone that your new insight was great. We'd never get anything done.

Teams & Culture —68 min listen
Adventures in DevOps 121: Reducing On-Call Engineer Burnout with a Volunteer Management InfrastructureDave Mangot

Brian Scanlan explains how Intercom increases efficiency of on-call engineers and reduces the disruptive nature of the job.

Teams & Culture —1 min read
Ask them

What's best for my team? Ask them.

Teams & Culture —2 min read
Give your teams a private Slack channel

Why I prefer every team has their own public and private Slack channel.

Teams & Culture —48 min listen
Adventures in DevOps 117: Anti-Patterns in DevOps

We discuss various anti-patterns in software engineering, including password management, team structures, mean time to recover, and more.

Teams & Culture —1 min read
Don't get trapped in the fire esacpe

A risk I never imagined, and one I certainly never face when I work from home.

Teams & Culture —2 min read
Finding a vision

A direction is important for every team, and if not provided with one, the team will invent their own.

Teams & Culture —45 min listen
Adventures in DevOps 110: Building and Organizing DevOps Teams

The panel breaks down the process of building a "DevOps team".