Career Advice —1 min read
Why I decided not to be a software developer

And why I also undecided.

Agile Principles —40 min listen
Writing Go and doin' DevOps on Backend Banter

Listen as I discuss Go, DevOps, and more, with Lane Wagner on the Backend Banter podcast.

Career Advice —57 min listen
Adventures in DevOps 162: What it Takes to be a DevOps Engineer

Lane Wagner, founder of, joins the show to discuss whether you can consider yourself a DevOps engineer if you aren't writing code.

Career Advice —1 min read
It's not my job to write documentation

Software developers only write code. Or do they?

Career Advice —3 min read
How my blog helped me earn $250,000+

I know of no better way to leave a positive impression, earlier in the candidate search process, than simply having a blog.

Learning —37 min listen
Adventures in DevOps 142: Learning How To Learn

Tools come and go. Don't let that be the end of your career.

Career Advice —4 min read
What makes for a "senior"?

To summarize, what I expect from a senior is: technical competence with an eagerness to improve.

Career Advice —2 min read
How to avoid HackerRank & LeetCode on your job search

Avoid wasting time in your job search by asking about the entire hiring process during the phone screening.

Hiring —2 min read
LeetCode & crossword puzzles

LeetCode is to real-world programming as crossword puzzles are to real-world journalism.

Career Advice —2 min read
Fanboys can't be seniors

Can you be critical of your favorite tool? Can you see the merit in using alternatives?

Career Advice —50 min listen
Adventures in DevOps 126: Personal Branding as an Engineer

The importance of personal branding as an engineer, plus tactical strategies you can implement today.