Career Advice —3 min read
Mission: Impossile — Finding a Good Analogy

Not every company wants to hire a super star; also niching down can make you a star in your niche.

Career Advice —15 min episode
Tiny DevOps episode #37 How can I best prepare for a job interview? And other DevOps career Q&A

In this episode, I tackle some questions from listeners, and provide my own answers to your DevOps Careers questions.

Career Advice —43 min listen
Adventures in DevOps 108: 50 Shades of DevOps

Is your DevOps title “hip”? What does it mean? Does it matter?

Career Advice —1 min read
Where to find remote jobs

Now that Stack Overflow Jobs is being retired, where should you go for remote-friendly tech jobs?

Career Advice —43 min episode
Tiny DevOps episode #31 Charles Max Wood — Level Up Your Career

Charles Max Wood is the founder of Top End Devs, a platform focused on teaching developers how to achive top 5% status in their chosen field, and in this episode we talk about what that means.

Career Advice —34 min episode
Tiny DevOps episode #30 Will Button — The Inside Scoop on Teaching DevOps

Will Button, co-host of the Adventures in DevOps podcast and DevOps "YouTuber" joins me to discuss his nascent DevOps media empire.

Career Advice —41 min listen
Adventures in DevOps 102: Dos and Don'ts of Blockchain

In this episode we discuss why NOW is the time to dig into blockchain, and how those in DevOps can approach these new technologies.

Career Advice —25 min listen
Adventures In DevOps 101: How to prepare for an interview

Jonathan talks about how he prepares for a tech interview, and offers insights from the point of view of a hiring manager as well.

Career Advice —2 min read
Dimensions of specialization

As your career progresses, you'll lkely want to niche down across more than one of these dimensions of specialization.

Career Advice —3 min read
Should you call yourself "fullstack"?

The term "fullstack" propagates a commodity mindset that harms candidates.

Career Advice —1 min read
How I became a CouchDB PMC member

I learned that contributing to open source can take many forms, and may not require writing code at all.