It's not my job to write documentation

Software developers only write code. Or do they?

“I’m a software developer. It’s not my job to write documentation. It’s my job to write code.”

But is it? Really?

I hate to break it to you, but nobody actually wants your code.

“You know what I really need today? MORE CODE!” said nobody. Ever.

Code is a liability.

The software industry doesn’t sell code. It sells solutions to problems. And when all other means fall short, it uses code to solve those problems. And ideally as little as possible.

So are you in the business of creating liabilities? Or are you in the business of solving problems?

No doubt you can find companies willing to hire you only to write code. They aren’t very fun companies to work for. They don’t value your creative abilities. But they do exist.

But the good companies want problem solvers.

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