Learning —2 min read
Good decisions vs good outcomes

A good decision is good, regardless of the outcome, if it's the best decision that could have been made with the information available at the time.

Learning —1 min read
I know I'm wrong

I just don't know what I'm wrong about. Obviously.

Learning —1 min read
What imposter did this?

Have you ever suffered from imposter syndrome? Have you also ever thought "what idiot did this?"

Learning —4 min read
My 5 best reads of 2021

As I read a lot, I thought I'd recap my best reads of 2021. Perhaps you'll find something for your 2022 reading list.

Career Advice —50 min listen
Adventures In DevOps 096: What Certificates Should I Get?

The Adventures in DevOps crew discuss the various certificates that exist and which ones you may or may not want to consider getting.

Learning —2 min read
Learning tacit knowledge is hard

You might hire a golf coach who watches you to discover your "bad habits", then convert them into explicit knowledge so they can be corrected. It's no different in business.

Learning —1 min read
Tacit knowledge vs explicit knowledge

How much of what you do on a daily basis would you struggle to explain to someone as step-by-step instructions?

Learning —1 min read
There's always room for improvement

Even in a static environment, improvement may slow down, but it doesn't have an upper bound.

Learning —2 min read
How can I convince my boss to let me learn a shiny new technology?

Introducing a new technology usually means taking on new risk, so find some value that your new learning will provide to your boss.

Teams & Culture —3 min read
Core skills vs. company-specific skills

Why are new joiners often quick to offer unwanted advice on how to improve things? Many "newbies" can't distinguish between core skills and company-specific skills.

Learning —3 min read
How to learn a new tech stack

The three (plus one) approaches I've used to change tech stacks in my career.