Software Delivery —2 min read
Which comes first? Manual testing or continuous delivery?

Does not feeling "ready" for CD mean that manual testing is a good alternative? Not really.

Quality Engineering —2 min read
How can we trust automated tests in life-or-death scenarios?

Actually, how can we trust manual tests in high-stakes scenarios?

Quality Engineering —1 min read
Do testers make developers sloppy?

Don't blame the devs, or the testers. Blame the bad system.

Quality Engineering —1 min read
Why does it take so long?

Computers have advanced a lot since the 1960s. Yet, for many it still takes ages to get feedback. WHY?

Quality Engineering —1 min read
We don't want heroics

The hero is the one who stays until 8pm when customers can't log in.

Quality Engineering —1 min read
Where do you find the confidence to release your software?

Think of the time you released software to production...

Quality Engineering —2 min read
Which skill is more important: Testing, or debugging?

One of these skills, if you're good at it, diminishes the need for the other other.

Quality Engineering —2 min read
What's the ideal ratio of devs to QAs?

Of course, as a consultant, I can confidently tell you: It depends!

Quality Engineering —2 min read
I just threw away a bunch of tests

I had failed to complete the "refactor" part of "red/green/refactor" several weeks ago, leaving me with some redundant tests that came back to bite me.

Quality Engineering —71 min listen
Adventures in DevOps 112: Building Code More Responsibly: A Mental Model Shift

A philosophical conversation around building code more responsibly and how ethics and accountability is to be integrated into the DevOps industry.

Quality Engineering —3 min read
How to travel light

Software delivery is a lot like traveling. Less luggage makes for a better experience.