We don't want heroics

June 22, 2022
The hero is the one who stays until 8pm when customers can't log in.

Are you a hero at your work?

Are there other heroes?

You know what I mean:

The hero is the one who stays until 8pm when customers can’t log in.

The hero is the one who cancels all their meetings while working heads-down to fix the critical some unknown person pushed yesterday.

They’re the one who saves the day!

So why wouldn’t we want that? It’s always nice for someone to save the day, right?

Well, it’s better to have the day saved than lost. But here’s the thing: We only need the day saved when there’s a catastrophe!

I know that Spider-Man would not have been as interesting to watch if the Norman Osborn hadn’t been motivated to become the Green Goblin. But we’re not in the drama industry, we’re in the IT industry, where goblins are to be avoided.

If you have heros on your team, it means that you’re facing catastrophes. What will it take to reduce the number of catastrophes?

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