Software Delivery —2 min read
Run your tests

"Oh yeah, we have lots of tests! I'm not sure if they work, though."

Agile Principles —2 min read
The observer effect

The only way to get accurate software development estimates is to do the software development.

Coding Practices —2 min read
Wink, wink

Perfection is achieved when there is nothing left to take away, or is it?

Coding Practices —2 min read
Make the change safe, then make the safe change

What can you do when no change would be safe to make? First, make the change safe.

Coding Practices —2 min read
Absolute confidence

What change can you make that is as safe as adding or removing a code comment?

Coding Practices —3 min read
Good tests obviate debugging

This should not be controversial. It's effectively a tautology.

Coding Practices —1 min read
The mechanics of test-driven development

Red-Green-Refactor may describe the mechanics of TDD, but not its essence.

Coding Practices —2 min read
What's the relationship between TDD and Evolutionary Design?

TDD doesn't give you ED for free, it only makes it easier.

Coding Practices —1 min read
TDD is slower the same way a drop cloth makes you slower

Painting without a drop cloth may be faster, but the hours of clean up outweigh savings.

Coding Practices —3 min read
When I was a child, I understood as a child

Sooner or later, child-like understanding doesn't epxlain our lack of understanding.

Coding Practices —1 min read
Hair cuts and peekaboo

How often do you come across code that look completely superfluous? Like a towel to a toddler during a haircut.