Continuous Integration doesn't work for mobile, because...

Actually, CI does work for mobile. But Continous Deployment may not.

Yesterday I read these remarks, written by someone who had recently been introduced to “Continuous Integration”:

Continuous Integration is pretty nice, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. For example, in the mobile application domain, it’s not a solution at all because:

  1. Typical public app delivery is controlled by the vendor’s app store (Apple or Google)
  2. Many users don’t like automatic updates
  3. Daily updates are annoying, even if enabled.

These are all good points… except for one thing: None of these things relate to Continuous Integration!

They are, however, excellent reasons not to do Continous Deployment, which is a separate practice, that builds upon the practice of Continuous Integration. This is actually the 8th reason (of 10) in my list of 10 Reasons Not To Use Continuous Deployment (And Why Most of Them Are Wrong).

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