10 Reasons Not To Use Continuous Deployment

(And why most of them are wrong)

There are many good reasons for your team to use Continuous Deployment, but there are also many reasons teams often delay implementation, or simply avoid it altogether.

Most of the reasons teams avoid CD have simple solutions.

In this free e-mail series I discuss 10 common reasons that teams avoid CD, and why most of them are wrong.

Does your team struggle with the following?

  • Continuous Deployment sounds great, but there’s simply not enough automation in place for it to be safe
  • Continuous Deployment was tried, but the team felt it wasn’t mature enough to use it effectively
  • A history of failed releases has caused you to shy away from weekend releases

What if Continous Deployment wasn’t the real problem?

In this email series, I address each of these, and many more, concerns regarding the use of Continuous Deployment, and explain how most of these fears are actually rooted in other problems, completely unrelated to continuous deployment.

With the insight you’ll gain, you’ll have a new-found confidence, and direction to begin your team’s journey toward Continous Deployment.

What you’ll learn

Over the course of 10 days, I will continously deliver (see what I did there?) to your inbox a “tiny” nugget of DevOps wisdom. Each day I’ll describe the common reason people employ not to use Continuous Deployment, and explain why it’s either misguided, or how to work around it, so that your team can enjoy the benefits of CD right away.

  • Reason 1: We don’t have enough automated tests
  • Reason 2: Developers are merging code before it’s tested
  • Reason 3: Our end users need to be informed of all changes
  • Reason 4: We’re working on a big feature that’s not ready to deploy yet
  • Reason 5: Our team just isn’t ready yet
  • Reason 6: We can’t risk deploying on a Friday
  • Reason 7: Our tests take too long to run
  • Reason 8: We don’t have a proper testing environment
  • Reason 9: We’re not building web sites
  • Reason 10: We’re in a regulated industry

Start overcoming the objections to Continous Delivery today!

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