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Why I don't use "serverless"

Most reasons I don't use serverless yet are the same reasons I wasn't using VMs 2 decades ago.

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Adventures in DevOps 154: What's the Tea With Max Howell

Homebrew creator Max Howel talks about his new project, the next-generation, cross-platform package manager, Tea.

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How long does it take to set up a local dev environment?

The answer to this question is a powerful indicator of one aspect of team health.

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Small Language Models

When I was 10, I thought my Commodore 64's ability to insult me was marvelous.

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Read by editing

I'm constantly looking for ways to improve the code and/or text as I'm reading.

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Adventures in DevOps 152: The Benefits and Drawbacks of gRPC and REST

Will and I talk about the difference between gRPC and REST.

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Adventures in DevOps 151: Serverless in Production With Erez Berkner

Lessons Learned From Running Serverless In Production For 5 Years

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Word Salad

ChatGPT isn't a genius. In fact, it's mostly full of sh*t. And it's easy to prove.

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Why do we hold on to our old ways of working?

Technology comes and goes. Why do we still use GitFlow, but not Windows Mobile? Why did we stop using 5.25" floppies, but never fully adopted static analysis?

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Thomas Thwaites' toaster

How many of our IT solve a problem that's already solved, to not actually work anyway?

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Adventures in DevOps 144: Organizing Data Workflows With Prefect

Anna Geller of Prefect joins us to explain how to orchestrate anything with Prefect.