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Adventures in DevOps 153: Game Development With Dori Exterman

Dori Exterman, CTO at IncrediBuild, joins us to talk about DevOps in the gaming industry.

Everything Else —2 min read
Why I blog

I'm on a mission to stop wasting developer talent with broken processes. Blogging about ways to improve processes is one way I'm trying to achieve that mission.

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6 ways to make money blogging

From ad revenue and sponsorships, to writing for hire, or landing a better job.

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Cut it out!

It's practically a truism that to do something new, you have to do less of something old. What will you cut for 2023?

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Mutual accountability in 2023

Hold me accountable for my 2023 goals, and I'll do the same for you.

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Doing Daily

Jonathan Stark interviews me about my daily email list

Everything Else —1 min read
Why we ignore problems

You have a thousand problems, and two thousand reasons to ignore them.

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Agile Tour Vienna 2022

I hope you can join me in Vienna for the Agile Tour 2022!

Everything Else —2 min read
Observations after one year of daily emails

My daily list is now one year old. Here are some of my observations.

Everything Else —5 min read
No, writing HTML is not programming. But watering your lawn is.

Writing HTML doesn't meet the definition of programming. But you'll be surprised at what does!

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Break glass in case of emergency

Should you block "bad" behaviors, or allow them in case of emergency? Why not both?