Agile Principles —2 min read
Why do devs want more devs?

Almost always, more team mates means slower output, not faster. So what's the proper solution?

Hiring —2 min read
Roles vs Jobs

In many companies, matching a job role to a job title can be a big challenge.

Hiring —2 min read
How to remove all bias from the hiring process

Removing bias isn't the goal, or even realistically possible. Removing the wrong biasses should be the focus.

Hiring —1 min read
How to boost productivity without boosting headcount

We need to clear this traffic jam, so lets put more cars on the road...

Hiring —2 min read
Why do you want to grow so fast?

There are many good reasons for a company to grow, but there are probably more bad reasons.

Hiring —1 min read
Math quiz

How many people do you need to hire to grow from 10 to 50 in one year?

Hiring —3 min read
Pretzel-shaped developers

You can't be an expert in 10 things any more than you can have 10 highest priorities.

Hiring —58 min episode
Tiny DevOps episode #48 Oshri Cohen — What kind of CTO do you need?

Oshri Cohen is a fractional CTO with a diverse background, currently working with four companies. He joins me on the show to cut through some of the confusion surrounding the Chief Technical Officer role.

Hiring —1 min read
So when SHOULD you hire?

Only hire after identifying your constraints, and determining that a new person is the likely solution.

Hiring —2 min read
Bloated headcount isn't just a Big Tech problem

Musk thought Twitter was bloated with engineers. I expect he's right, because most companies are.

Hiring —1 min read
When it makes sense to hire for skills, over aptitude

Sometimes what I need is a super hero.