Career Advice —3 min read
Mission: Impossile — Finding a Good Analogy

Not every company wants to hire a super star; also niching down can make you a star in your niche.

Hiring —2 min read
Does Tom Cruise still audition?

Asking Cruise to audition is likely a way to _not_ get him into your film. The same can be true for take-home coding challenges.

Hiring —43 min episode
Tiny DevOps episode #41 Morgan Craft — Is a fractional CTO right for your company?

Morgan Craft is a New York-based former software engineer and CTO, and currently a founder and Fractional CTO. He joins me to discuss the concept of a fractional CTO, why they're growing in popularity, and how to decide whether one is right for you.

Teams & Culture —45 min listen
Adventures in DevOps 110: Building and Organizing DevOps Teams

The panel breaks down the process of building a "DevOps team".

Hiring —2 min read
How to detect "real" programmers

New research suggests simple questions for basic technical screening.

Hiring —2 min read
I've never fired anyone for technical incompetence

I've done a fair amount of hiring and firing over the years. But I've come to notice a disconnect.

Hiring —2 min read
Shop talk

There's nothing like an expert and a poser talking shop to expose the poser in just a few seconds.

Hiring —1 min read
Hiring, Fast and Slow

Hiring screening optimizes for fast thinking, but IT success depends on slow thinking.

Hiring —4 min read
When should you assign technical homework during an interview?

I once worked with a company that had a take-home assignment as the first stage of an interview process. Ugh. Here are my suggested alternatives.

Hiring —2 min read
What if we can't afford to hire an expert?

When you can't afford to hire an expert, “moneyball it”. Hire a fractional expert.

Hiring —3 min read
Who to hire first: A senior or junior?

For a first hire, select a candidate with seniority in line with the role's ability to destroy your business.