Continuous Improvement —1 min read

Don't let the perfect ideals be the enemy of progress.

Continuous Improvement —6 min read
A Look at Atlassian's April 2022 Jira Outage

What lessons can you take from this incident for your own organization?

Continuous Improvement —48 min episode
Tiny DevOps episode #32 Adrian Stanek — Think In Baby Steps

Adrian Stanek, of Bits in Motion, joins me to relate his success story of transforming his organization's software development process via baby steps.

Continuous Improvement —1 min read
How to measure continuous improvement

We can count retrospectives, but that feels like a vanity metric. How do we know if we're actually improving?

Continuous Improvement —2 min read
Has Facebook outgrown "Move fast and break things"?

Did Facebook's recent outages prove that they're moving too fast? I don't know. And neither do you. We don't have all the information.

Continuous Improvement —2 min read
What can we learn from the Facebook outage?

Facebook has revealed the cause of their 6-hour outage: human error. I hope those pesky humans learned their lesson! Or is there more to it?

Continuous Improvement —2 min read
Knowledge options

Normally when we think of up-skilling, we think of taking a class. But what if you never use that knowledge? A knowledge option is a tool to reduce this risk.

Continuous Improvement —2 min read
Retrospectives or postmortems?

If your team is open to it, by all means, start doing retrospectives. But if you sense resistance, here are some reasons to start with postmortems.

Continuous Improvement —1 min read
Where to start with DevOps

DevOps is a big topic, and simply knowning where to start can be a mystery. I have two suggestions for how you can start with DevOps today.

Learning —1 min read
There's always room for improvement

Even in a static environment, improvement may slow down, but it doesn't have an upper bound.

Continuous Improvement —1 min read
The importance of continuous improvement

"Improving daily work is even more important than doing daily work." — Gene Kim