Enjoy your weekends

How often is your weekend interrupted by unexpected work?

Happy Sunday!

It’s 9:30pm where I live as I write this. I spent my Sunday with my toddler, roughhousing in the living room. When he took his nap, I spent a couple hours relaxing with the PlayStation, while my wife organized some things for the baby we’re expecting in a month. Later the three of us took a walk around the neighborhood before stopping by the neighborhood restaurant for dinner.

You know what I didn’t do?

I didn’t fix any customer outages. I didn’t debug any mysterious behavior. I didn’t revert any bad merges. I didn’t even check my work e-mail.

Not every Sunday is as relaxing. When I started with this team back in June, almost every weekend involved fire-fighting. We still have a few of those. But they’re increasingly more rare, as we’re improving our deployment process, and getting better at building quality software.

How does your average weekend look?

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