Are you doing CI/CD?

September 16, 2022
It's not continuous deployment if you aren't deploying... continuously.

Yesterday I attended the Agile Tour Vienna 2022 conference, and met some great people, heard some great talks… and gave a talk.

I estimate 40 or so people attended my presentation, and as I often do, I started with an exercise:

“Raise your hand if your current team is doing CI/CD.”

About 2/3 of the hands went up.

Then I said “Put your hand down if you did NOT do a release to production last week.”

A few hands went down.

I continued: “Put your hand down if you did NOT do a release to production yesterday.”

About half went down.

“Put your hand down if you have a permanent branch called develop.” More down.

“Put your hand down if you have a special release process for ‘hotfixes’.” A few more went down.

“Keep your hand up only if every developer on your team merged to master yesterday.”

By now only 3 hands remained.

“Put your hand down if you have any open pull requests more than 24 hours old.”

Only one hand was still up.

Only one.

“Congratulations! ONE person in this room is actually doing CD!”

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