Why would you ever need to deploy new features multiple times per day?

July 10, 2022
That's not why we do CD. When using CD, large features are typically behind a feature flag.

A common confusion I hear about continuous deployment is the notion that it doesn’t make sense to release features multiple times per day.

Of course in a sense, this makes good sense. When we think of features as full-blown, complete features, yes… we don’t want to be sending those to our customers more than once per day. It would not only overwhelm our customers, it would require some pretty amazing feats of engineering.

But that’s also not why people do continuous deployment. When using continous deployment, large features like this are typically disabled, behind a feature flag until they’re deemed ready for customers.

Of course, one advantage of continuous delivery is that we can get faster customer feedback, but this isn’t usually at the granularity of an entire “full-blown” feature.

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