How Scrum and DevOps go hand-in-hand

July 8, 2021
From the beginning, Scrum had the goal of enabling adoption of better technical practices. DevOps helps fill that gap!

Today I’ll be speaking at the Scrum Day Europe 2021 virtual conference (tickets still available if you’re fast!) about how Scrum and DevOps work well together. The talk is based on a half-day workshop I give for Scrum professionals, condensed into a 25-minute presentation.

This email is that 25-minute presentation condensed into a single image.

From the very beginning, Scrum has had the goal of enabling teams to adopt better technical practices. This is still true today. However, Scrum doesn’t tell us which technical practices to adopt! That’s left up to us.

In the image you see an imaginary, but prototypical org chart. C-suite at the top, middle management in the middle, then lower/product management and individual contributors at the bottom.

The red circle represents Scrum’s area of focus: The relationship between management and developers. The blue circle represents DevOps’ focus: The relationship between development and operations, those managing the infrastructure (represented by the rectangles in the bottom row).

DevOps helps us fill in the “technical practices” gap that Scrum intentionally leaves blank!

If you’re convinced that DevOps could help your team, but aren’t sure where to start, take a look at my free email course: Lean CD Bootcamp, to help you get started with Continuous Deployment, even before you have test automation!

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