A special invitation to fathers (and others with children in their lives)

June 20, 2021
Join me this coming Wednesday, June 23 for a live Tech Story-Telling Workshop.

Happy Father’s Day to the fathers out there!

This year, Father’s Day is special for me, because it’s my first one as a father. My first child was born on Christmas eve last year, so is almost 6 months old now.

This life-changing event lead me to invite children’s book author and technology educator Miriam Tocino to guest on my podcast to discuss how we can better talk about or day jobs in software and techology with the “tiny” people in our lives.

She counter-offered and suggested we do a live, interactive webinar on the topic. Naturally, I agreed.

So this is your invitation to join Miriam and me this coming Wednesday, June 23, at 17:00 GMT+2 for a live Tech Story-Telling Workshop. We’ll be live streaming on YouTube, where you can interact with us via chat during the event. Click Watch Live, then click the Set reminder button to be notified when the event starts.

Read more about the event here.

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