DevOps is not a set of tools

April 9, 2021
In the same way that tools don't make art, tools don't make DevOps.

A woman went to a photography exhibition, and fell instantly in love with the photographs on display. She approached the photographer and invited him to her home for dinner to discuss the artwork. He accepted.

After dinner the woman says “Your photographs are so beautiful. You must have a really expensive camera.”

The photgrapher smiled and replied, “The dinner you prepared was so delicious. You must have very expensive cookware.”

In the same way that tools don’t make art, tools don’t make DevOps.

A skilled photographer can use the cheapest cameras to make amazing art. Likewise, an unskilled photographer can use the most expensive tools, and produce nothing of inspiration.

DevOps, like art, is all about the mindset. The tools come later, and only make the job easier.

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