Let me speak at your event

Private workshop or lecture - From €1,250

I can speak at your private or internal company event on one of the below topics. The program includes:

  • Preliminary questionnaire, to taylor the presentation to the audience
  • A 45-minute workshop or lecture on the chosen topic
  • Question & answer session immediately following the lecture
  • Informal chat afterwards

Custom engagements

I can also tailor a lecture or workshop for your company’s specific needs. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Public speaking - Free/Ask

I’m also available for public speaking (conferences, meetups, etc). I am generally happy to do these free of charge, granted there is no travel or complicated scheduling involved, or if your public event may have the potential to put me in front of a valuable new audience. Please contact me to discuss your event.

Available Topics

I am available to speak on any of the following topics. This list is not complete! If you have some other topic in mind, or would like to discuss the options, feel free to contact me.

Scrum isn’t enough: Why DevOps is essential for agile success

Format: Lecture
Target audience: Middle/lower management, team leads, Scrum facilitators
Summary: I discuss a brief history of Scrum and DevOps, and where they fit in the larger Agile picture. I explain how Scrum has always intentionally focused on areas different to DevOps, and why these two concepts have always been complimentary. I then discuss the specifics of what DevOps is and isn’t, where it overlaps with Scrum, and where it provides its own unique value. I then provide a brief discussion of tacticts for promoting the adoption of DevOps principles on your specific team or in your larger organization.

Can we do Continuous Deployment without automated tests?

Format: Lecture
Target audience: Managers, team leads
Summary: Conventional wisdom tells us that automated tests and CI (Continuous Integration) are the necessary first steps toward Continuous Deployment (CD). This assumption is practically codified in the term “CI/CD”. In this lecture, I challenge that assumption by way of a thought experiment: what if we did Continuous Deployment with no test automation at all? I provide insights and anecdotes from multiple teams who have done successful CD without first having achieved test automation perfection.
Related resources: CD without CI, 4 Benefits of Continuous Deployment

How to do effective code review

Format: Lecture or workshop
Target audience: Software developers
Summary: I explain my philosophy of code review, then go through a sort of check-list of what to look for (and what not to look for) when reviewing someone else’s code, as well as when producing your own code. My approach focuseson code readability, and future-proofing, rather than algorithms or broad architecture. I conclude by looking at some real-life pull requests, and conducting a live review. When doing this as a workshop, I prefer to use coding samples from your team or organization.
Related resources: 5 Reasons for Code Review

How and why to do Test-Driven Development

Format: Workshop
Target audience: Software developers
Summary: Like chess, Test-Driven Development (TDD) is easy to learn, but difficult to master. For the first half of this workshop, I dispell common misconceptions about TDD, explain what it really is, and discuss many of its surpsising benefits: Spoiler: TDD isn’t about testing! For the last half, I lead an interactive mob-programming session where we write some actual code using the TDD method.

Common questions

Are you available to speak on other topics?

Possibly. Drop me a message with your requested topics, and we can discuss.

Are shorter (or longer) presentations available?

Yes! Most topics can be adapted to a shorter format. Longer formats, such as a half-day workshop, is an option for certain topics. Let me know what you’re looking for, and we can discuss the options.

Do you offer any discounts?

My speaking fees may be discounted or waived for non-profit organizations, or in consideration of special circumstances.

May we record the presentation?

I am happy to sign a video release form for any of my speaking engagements, given appropriate consideration. For public events, for which the video will be given away free of charge, I generally don’t request any compensation for the video release.

I still have questions

No problem! I’m happy to have answer any questions I can via email, or we can set up a quick video call.

Previous public speaking engagements

Below are links to a few selected recordings of previous public speaking appearances.