Want to guest on the Tiny DevOps podcast?

The Tiny DevOps podcast is the podcast focused on helping small teams do effective DevOps.

If you are interested in joining me as a guest, I would love to hear from you on your suggested topic. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind about the show and its focus.

  • The topic should be relevant to small teams. “The pain of scaling Kubernetes to 10,000 nodes” isn’t a good fit.
  • Most episodes introduce or discuss a specific DevOps-related topics (i.e. postmortems, serverless, effectively working remotely), but interesting stories are also welcome (e.g. “How we got deployment times down to 15 minutes”)
  • The basics of the topic should be easily understood on a ~30 minute program.
  • The topic should not be promotional in nature. That is to say, the audience should expect to learn something of value during the program, without the need to spend money on an additional service, product, book, or other resource.
  • Promotion is encouraged at the end of the segment. If you sell a product, service, course, book, etc, that can enhance the topic, you will have a chance to plug it at the end.
  • You’re also invited to share your personal contact info, such as a web site or social media links. If you prefer not to do so, please let me know in advance.

I always record an episode several weeks before it is published. If your topic is timing sensative (i.e. relating to an upcoming conference), please let me know as early as possible.

I look forward to hearing from you!