Teams & Culture —2 min read
Give your teams a private Slack channel

Why I prefer every team has their own public and private Slack channel.

Remote Work —58 min listen
Adventures in DevOps 103: How to be a Digital Nomad

In this episode the panel discusses their experiences working and living remote. We cover how to generate leads, book clients, the “multiplier effect”, and the ONE reason you don’t need revolutionary ideas to find success.

Remote Work —43 min episode
Tiny DevOps episode #13 Molood Ceccarelli — The freedom of remote working

In this episode, I'm joined by remote work strategist and agile coach, Molood Ceccarelli, who helps unpack the reasons why remote work during the pandemic is different than "normal" remote work, and discuss techniques for making remote work more effective, flexible, and free!

Remote Work —1 min read
How can we make remote work more effective?

Its a "Remote-First" mindset, not flexible HR policies, that make or break remote work.

Remote Work —8 min read
Is remote work doomed to failure?

I predict that within 5 years, a majority of companies with optional work-from-home policy will be migrating back to an in-person workforce. But hope is not lost for those who are intentional about building a remote-first workplace.

Remote Work —1 min read
True innovation requires colocation … or does it?

There are valid reasons to work together in an office, but don't let this myth be one you use.

Remote Work —1 min read
How remote work can improve documentation

Documenation is one of the most trivial ways to increase team cohesion.

Remote Work —1 min read
Work from a café

Cabin fever? Craving human interaction, but the office isn't open? Work from a café.

Remote Work —52 min watch
WFH WTF: Eliminating some of the WTF around remote work