I'm going back to school

Watch me learn to build a web server in Go, courtesy of boot.dev.

I’m going to be taking an online course from boot.dev. And I’m going to do it on my weekly live stream later today.

Boot.dev is building the smartest way to master backend development by tackling the hardest problem with e-learning: boredom. The platform uses tactics learned from modern game design to push ambitious students toward their goal: a career in backend development. Through hands-on lessons that balance theory with practice, and an active Discord community, students are prepared to tackle technical interviews and forge a successful programming career.

It offers courses in Python, a wee bit of JavaScript, and, the language I’ll be using… Go!

I’ll be going through the recently updated course on building a web server in Go:

If you’re new to Go or web servers, this will be an easy introduction to the concepts, and a chance to ask questions as you watch me make mistakes. (Mistakes are guaranteed!)

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