What kind of 10x developer?

Of course 10x developers exist... but 10x of WHAT?

Every now and again someone pops up challening the notion of the 10x developer… you know, the developer who’s 10x more productive than some other developer.

But if the 80/20 rule is true, and it seems that it is for a large number of things, including most human activities, then there must be 10x developers.

I think the more interesting question is… 10x of what?

It stands to reason that we can have 10x developers across a large number of dimensions. Most technical screening processes are designed to select for one or more of these. But I think it’s worth taking the time to consider carefully which one(s) you care about. Which one(s) describe you? Which one(s) would you select for when interviewing your next teammate?

  • 10x more lines of code
  • 10x more features completed
  • 10x more bugs squashed 🪲
  • 10x more bugs created 😱
  • 10x more story points completed 🤢
  • 10x more story points estimated
  • 10x more StackOverflow reputation
  • 10x more hours mentoring junior developers
  • 10x more leetcode experience
  • 10x more languages used
  • 10x more clever/dense code written
  • 10x more comments
  • 10x more hours worked ⏲️
  • 10x more blog posts written ✍️
  • 10x more documentation written
  • 10x more performant code
  • 10x more salary
  • 10x more customer conversations
  • 10x more team blockers removed
  • 10x more … you decide
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