How reproducible are your builds?

If you build your software now, will the result be the same if you build it again in 10 minutes? 10 days? 10 weeks?

I’m taking a bit of a holiday this week, so I’m not writing as much as usual. But I wanted to pose some questions today. I’d love to hear your replies, and I’ll follow-up next week when I’m working again.

Are your software builds reproducible?

If you build your software now, then again in 10 minutes, will the results be the same? Will the results be byte for byte identical?

What if you wait a week? Or a month?

What if you check out a version of your software in version control from last year. Can you re-build it faithfully as it would have built back then?

And on a related note: Do you care? Why, or why not?

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