It's retro day!

If you find that you can improve the way you're working, don't wait.

Get your bell-bottoms and mirror ball ready! It’s retro day!

How do I know?

Because every day is retro day!

Of course, I mean retrospective day, not necissarily Disco Fever (although that never hurts, either).

In other words, if you’re waiting until your next designated official team retrospective meeting in a week or two, or a month, or whatever… you’re waiting too long.

If you or your team find that you can improve the way you’re working, don’t wait. Discuss the options now. Examine the waste now.

And what’s more: the more you do it, the easier it becomes. And the more often you’ll see small areas for improvement, and the more natural continuous improvement will become for you.

A scheduled retrospective should be the minimum time you wait to discuss improving. But never an excuse to put off improvement until a later date.

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