Is Kubernetes right for your small company?

October 25, 2022
James McShane of SuperOrbital helps unpack the question: Will Kubernetes help solve your small company's problems?

James McShane is the Engineering Director at SuperOrbital and has been working with Kubernetes for about 6 years, in a large number of environments. He joins the show today to help unpack whether Kubernetes is a good choice for your small company.

In this episode:

  • What is Kubernetes, and what problems does it solve for you?
  • Choosing Kubernetes means choosing a set of problems.
  • Which application architectures match well with Kubernetes?
  • Which problems Kubernetes doesn’t solve well for you.
  • How to handle your application data layer when starting with Kubernetes
  • Some of the differences between the big three’s Kubernetes offerings
  • Should you hire experienced Kubernetes engineers before adopting Kubernetes?
  • Why is Kubernetes controversial, and how can a newcomer cut through the hype?
  • Common newbie mistakes
  • How does price figure into the decision to choose Kubernetes or not?
  • How to learn Kubernetes if your employer isn’t using it
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