Should you deploy on Fridays?

October 11, 2022
Dave Mangot explains why you definitely should deploy on Friday. Or Shouldn't. You choose.

Dave Mangot is a speaker, author, teacher, and Silicon Valley veteran. His focus is helping private equity portofolio companies use their technology organization to maximize growth, and he joins me on this episode of The Tiny DevOps Podcast to discuss the contentious topic of Friday deployments and why you definitely should do them and why you definitely should not do them. Confused?

In this episode

  • Mores are not moratoriums
  • Shaming is inappropriate, on both sides of the issue
  • Every outage is unexpected, nobody knows what might go wrong
  • Friday deployment should be an informed choice
  • Why small batch deployments are important
  • Deploying features vs other changes
  • You should be able to deploy at any time, but separate that from choosing to deploy at any time
  • Why more QA can be worse than less QA
  • If deployment hurts, or causes fear, do it more
  • Responding to failures when they do occur
  • Building an accurate mental model of your system
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