Serverless Platforms and WASM

October 9, 2022
How WebAssembly works, running it on edge networks, security, performand, and much more.

This week on Adventures in DevOps, Will and I talk with Connor Hicks, founder of Suborbital, a serverless platform powered by WebAssembly. We discuss how WebAssembly works, running WASM on the “edge” network, Suborbital’s capabilities, and everything in-between.

In this episode…

  • WebAssembly on the server
  • The “edge” and edge computing
  • Security, performance, portability
  • WASM in the cloud limitations
  • Virtualized sandboxes
  • Alternatives to edge computing
  • Writing in other languages
  • What is the learning curve of the security model?
  • Suborbital’s capabilities and language support
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