Observability as an engineering enabler

Problem solver Tod Hansmann discusses observability: What it is, why it means different things, and how to get started.

Problem solver Tod Hansmann of Catalyst joins me to discuss “observability”: What it is, why it means different things to different people, and how to get started if it’s new for you.

In this episode:

  • What is observability (o11y)?
  • What can observability do for you?
  • What metrics should you track?
  • How does observability relate to logging, alerting, monitoring, and other practices?
  • Who should be responsbile for obervability?
  • How heavily should upper management be involved?
  • How does observability relate to culture?
  • CI/CD as a prerequisite for observability
  • Why metrics are better than logs
  • Surprising metrics that can be important
  • The relationship between monitoring and automated testing
  • Good observability as an enabler for canary deployments, test in production, and other practices
  • How to define service level objectives
  • How do you define “uptime”
  • How to address corner cases
  • Why being on call is desireable
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