A conversation about trunk-based development

I talk with Jason Adam about trunk-based development and related topics.

The Tiny DevOps podcast is back!

I’m joined by Jason Adam who is a software developer with a non-traditional background in biology, business development, and data analytics. Now he’s active as a developer, and on the lookout for proven practices he can introduce to his team. On this episode we talk about Trunk-Based Development, and the related topics of continuous integration and deployment, infrastruture as code, and much more.

In this episode

  • How Trunk-based development differs from GitFlow and other branching strategies
  • Two flavors of trunk-based development
  • How Trunk-based development fits into the larger picture of continuous integration and continuous delivery
  • Techniques for working in smaller batches
  • How test-driven development enhances trunk-based development
  • Using feature flags for smaller batches
  • How to keep pull requests small
  • Cherry-picking small changes out of a larger pull request
  • How Infrastructure-as-Code works with CI and CD
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