Reducing On-Call Engineer Burnout with a Volunteer Management Infrastructure

July 14, 2022
Brian Scanlan explains how Intercom increases efficiency of on-call engineers and reduces the disruptive nature of the job.

Managing uptime is critical for customers and it can be a powerful customer activity that connects engineers to the value that customers receive from your product, however it can also be a heavy source of burnout for engineers. Brian Scanlan with Intercom has created a volunteer management infrastructure that increases the efficiencies of on-call engineers while also reducing the inherent disruptive nature to the job. On this episode of Adventures in DevOps, the panel interviews Brian about his process and architecture to this on-call management infrastructure.

In this episode…

  • The on-call burden
  • Alarm management
  • Escalation paths
  • Incentives for the volunteer teams
  • Deployment processes
  • Improving standards and expectations
  • Human centric vs. machine centric
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