The painful crawl through the morass of past shortcuts

April 20, 2022
Stacy Cashmore talks about the joys and pains of a recent project rewrite.

This week on the Tiny DevOps podcast, Stacy Cashmore joins me. She has the interesting title of Tech Explorer DevOps at Omniplan, which means she has free reign to do what she thinks she needs to do! In this episode, we talk about a big rewrite decision she made, and the results of this decision, good and bad.

In this episode

  • Why “DevOps” does not belong in a job title, and why Stacy put it in her job title anyway.
  • What is DevOps, if not a job title?
  • How to respond to mistakes we’ve made
  • Why a rewrite is always the wrong decision
  • Why a rewrite was the right decision in this case
  • The pressure of proving yourself once you convince management to do a rewrite
  • DevOps and CI/CD goals for the new system
  • Where the problem started to go wrong: Awkward tests, shortcuts and technical debt
  • Working against deadline pressure
  • Taking the pragmatic approach to CD
  • The drawbacks to not doing “full CD”
  • Plans for ongoing improvement
  • Things to do differently next time, and lessons learned
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