Radical Collaboration, how Radical Enterprises do it, and how you can, too

March 29, 2022
Many organizations are adopting a "Radically Collaborative" approach to business. What does that mean, and how can you participate?

More and more organizations are adopting a “Radically Collaborative” approach to business. Matt K. Parker, author of the new book A Radical Enterprise joins me to discuss what this means, why it’s desirable, and how to begin adopting these practices in our own organizations.

In this episode

  • What is “Radical Collaboration”?
  • What does radical collaboration mean for the business bottom line? -The four imperatives of radical collaboration: Team Autonomy, Managerial Devolution, Deficiency Gratification, Candid Vulnerability
  • How do Agile Software Development and the DevOps movement relate to the idea of radical collaboration?
  • How are OKRs similar to or different from the radical collaboration model? The “Advice Process”, and how decisions are made without designated managers.
  • What recourse do these organizations have against potential “bad actors”?
  • How do self-selected salaries work?
  • How does this book fit into the landscape of recent books such as Reinventing Organizations and Team of Teams on new ways of management?
  • Do companies ever fail in their attempts to become radically collaborative, and why?
  • What can a lone individual do to begin a transformation toward radical collaboration?
  • When is the best time in a company’s life cycle to begin a radical collaboration transformation?
  • What can a solo founder or entrepreneur do to begin laying the foundation for radical collaboration when they make their first hire?
  • How long does it take to transform to a radically collaborative organization?
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