Ship better code faster … and cheaper for Black Friday!

November 24, 2021

Today I’m announcing an black friday sale on my popular video course Ship Better Code Faster. Through Friday, November 26, save 80% off the normal price with coupon code BLACKFRIDAY2021.

See what others have said about the course:

We did a postmortem yesterday based on your workshop and it was a great exercise!
Joel Clermont

I want to thank you for organizing the course! It was very insightful, especially the idea behind continuous improvement, which is part of the DevOps symbol and yet is easy to miss.
Alexandru Lesi

Are you tired of fixing the same bugs over and over again?

Are you ever confused by code you wrote 6 months ago?

Do you spend too much time on repetitive, non-programming tasks?

Do pull request approvals take too long?

Imagine fixing your bugs once and for all

What if you knew how to write future-proof code, that you, or anyone, can understand a year later?

How would you feel if you could spend more time writing code?

Would you like to make pull requests your colleagues are eager to review quickly?

This course will show you the way

I’ll teach you the DevOps techniques to improve every one of these challenges, and many more in my 5-day Tiny DevOps interactive course. Why spend hundreds of hours of learning things the hard way when the answers are all right here in one place?

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