DevOps from the ears to the brain

November 18, 2021

Some of you may remember Luca Ingianni, who joined me back in July on Episode 12 of the Tiny DevOps podcast to discuss DevOps for embedded systems.

Since then, he invited me as a guest on his normally German-language podcast, “DevOps auf die Ohren und ins Hirn”, which roughly translates to “DevOps from the ears to the brain” (I think).

In this episode our guest is Jonathan Hall of Tiny DevOps. We invited him because he specializes in a very interesting and little-talked-about niche: DevOps for small companies.

DevOps is usually viewed in the context of large organizations. But what does DevOps look like in small organizations? Does DevOps make sense in this context? Is it even feasible?

Not to worry, our conversation was in English (except for the brief intro). But if you’re a German speaker, be sure to check out the other episodes, too.

Have listen.

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