I'll be speaking at Scrum Day Europe, July 8

June 10, 2021
I'll be speaking at Scrum Day Europe on July 8 on "Why DevOps is essential for Agile success"

For those of you working with Scrum, July 8 is the virtual conference Scrum Day Europe, and I’ll be giving the following presentation:

Scrum Isn’t Enough: Why DevOps is essential for Agile success

When Scrum was formulated, it was seen as a “wrapper” for more technical agile practices, such as Extreme Programming. A conscious choice was made to focus on the relationship between software developers and management. It was assumed that Scrum would be used to promote more technical developer practices, which Scrum leaves unaddressed. DevOps not only works hand-in-glove with Scrum to fill in these missing gaps, it is more and more seen as an essential tool for Agile success.

Check out the complete list of speakers and topics or and the schedule.

Since it’s entirely virtual, you don’t need to be in Europe to attend. There are still a tickets available, and you can use coupon code SCRUM.ORG FRIEND to save 95 EUR on a regular ticket (does not apply to early bird).

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