4 reasons to change code

April 7, 2021

Why do we change code?

In his book, Working Effectively with Legacy Code, Michael Feathers offers four reasons:

  1. Adding a feature
  2. Fixing a bug
  3. Improving the design
  4. Optimizing resource usage

I’ve yet to think of a 5th reason.

So what?

These 4 reasons are the basis for a personal rule when writing code:

Each pull request must address only one of these reasons.

Mixing concerns in a single PR can lead to all sorts of problems:

  • It makes the PR much harder to understand and review
  • It makes deploying the PR more dangerous (if a bug is found, is it due to the new feature, or the refactoring?)
  • It makes reverting the PR dangerous (you can’t revert a broken feature without also reverting useful bug fixes)
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