Resistance is expected

Don't take resistence to your great ideas personally. It could mean that you're onto something.

Picture this…

You just watched an amazing YouTube video about a new programming technique that you’re absolutely convinced will revolutionize your team’s workflow.

Maybe you’ve stumbled upon a new IDE plugin that removes 30% of your bugs automatically.

Or maybe it’s a blog post that puts into perfect words the frustrations you’ve been feeling about the chaos your team is going through, and offers three simple steps to solve them all.

So you tell your team about the amazing new knowledge and…

Bob argues.

Alice says you it’ll never work.

Charlie rolls his eyes.

Why so much resistance to such a great idea?

Don’t take the resistence personally. It often means you’ve poked a sensitive spot, and it could mean that you’re onto something.

Resistance is a predictable, natural reaction against the process of being helped and against the process of having to face up to difficult problems.
Peter Block
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